Saturday 17 September 2016

The Legend of the Flying Cookie

Wellthis is a different sort of post for me; usually I'm just showcasing new art pieces. Today I'm sharing a story about "where it all began"-more or less!

 I just started a new art page on Facebook and I have called it "Flying Cookie Creations"'s why:

I've been somewhat of a papercrafter all my life and by about 2007 had been dabbling in cardmaking and photo calendars. Scrapbooking was popular but I hadn't jumped on that bandwagon yet.

One of my daughter's teachers was retiring and the students in her class had all done little writeups about Mrs. J  to help out one of the other teachers who had to give a farewell speech about her. I got thinking what a nice gift it would be to put these little tributes together into a book for her and I offered to do so. Mr. A , the other teacher, thought it sounded like a great idea and was happy to pass the student's writing onto me.


Of course the creative wheels got turning and I thought, "hmmm-wouldn't it be even better if I  added a few photos to the collection  to make it more of a keepsake of her last class?"  So I ransacked my photo stash , then asked a few other parents from the class if they had any to share. The photos came pouring in and I got excited about putting this little project together.

The wheels continued to turn and the next step was patterned paper...there was SO much awesome paper out there!! I realized this was turning into a bit of a larger project than I had originally envisioned and ended up using a 12x12 album to house this "little" collection of stories and pictures.

Now , many of the students in this class had known each other for years-some even before they had started kindergarten; classes change and people move over the years so there were some people in the photos that this teacher had never met.One such photo was taken at a class pool party a couple years before and included a student who had moved away. It was such a great photo though-my daughter and I conferred and decided to cut him out of the picture. No problem-except Sam , the person in question ,was photographed while eating a cookie which he was holding up partially in front of another student. When I cut him out (yup-you got it!) the cookie remained! We decided we'd find a way to cover or disguise the cookie later on-perhaps with a sticker or other embellishment.

The album was finished and duly presented and THEN I remembered that I  had forgotten to cover the flying cookie that was all that remained of poor Sam! Every time my daughter and I talked about it we giggled wondering if Mrs. J had ever noticed a UFC (unidentified flying cookie) one one of her album pages.

Before long I  became a passionate scrapbooker and scrapped everything in sight; of course we all have "oopses" on our pages from time to time and after a while we started to refer to them and the tricks used to cover them as "flying cookies". Before long anything used to cover up a mistake or mess was referred to as a "flying cookie" in our house...for example-a blotch of ink? Put a flying cookie on it! A mark on the table? Use a vase as a flying get the picture.

Well in honour of my first foray into scrapbooking as well as a fun story that evolved between my daughter and I, my unofficial 'business" name for my art is Flying Cookie!!
Thanks so much for stopping by and reading my story-hope it gave you a giggle. If you have any fun stories that have evolved from your crafting I'd love to read them!

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